History of Department

The foundation and organization of the first Department of Organic Chemistry, then the Department of Biochemistry, just as the introduction of education of these branches of sciences are the unquestionable merits of Prof. Béla Tankó. His path of life comprises the history of the Department of Biochemistry. This nearly quarter of a century which can be called as a ’heroic age’ starts in 1950 and ends in July 1973. During the years of an uncertain historical age Professor Tankó stably stood on his ground. 

At the beginning of the next period his health was damaged under the stress of the extraordinary problems. 

 In 1973 the Department moved into the new, comfortable Life Science Building from the family villa in Simonyi Street. Two floors were put at the department’s disposal, so the whole staff could move into the light, large rooms which met with the highest requirements among them laboratories and the library.

 An additional advantage of the place was the fact, that the collaborator-departments (Biophysics, Biology and the Central Research Laboratory) were found in the same building, it was an opportunity for a successful collaboration of these departments.
 At this time a new Head of Department was appointed: Pál Elődi, who chose this occupation instead the previous Academic Research Department.
 László Fésüs became the member of the department in 1986 as an Associate Professor. Since July 1993 he has been the Head of Department. Since then he has developed the department with gaining many successful projects. Owing to him the number of the international collaborations of the department has developed a lot. In 1990 he was appointed as a professor.
 In 2005 the department moved into the newly built Life Science Building – where 5 scientific groups, 13 departments and can be found in more than 17.000 square meters.